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LThe painting cave

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The painting cave

Autor González sánchez, mari carmen

Editorial Batidora ediciones

Encuadernación Rústica

EAN 9788494711350

Sinopsis: This is the story of Green Hand, an amusing and creative hand who used to meet other hands every Sunday to do what they enjoyed most, chatting with friends and painting in the Painting Cave, until one day the problems of communal life at school caused her to leave and forget what she liked most. Green Hand lost her enjoyment of life and no longer felt like skipping, painting or going to school. What could have happened to make her give up what used to make her so happy? How would they help her to get over this bad patch? Come with Green Hand and her Painting Cave friends and learn with them to adopt habits and behaviours which will strengthen you and help you be happy. The Painting Cave is a simple book which introduces concepts and tools to encourage empathy and behaviours that help prevent bullying in school: -Join a group or community -Express feelings -Find a friendly space -Ask for help from family, friends or teachers -Perceive difficulties as mere episodes or phases