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LNatural science. 4 primary. savia. workbook

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Natural science. 4 primary. savia. workbook

Autor Mc guinness, úna;brown, chloe;pinillos visscher, cristina;sherlock, jo

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EAN 9788415743743

Sinopsis: Savia Natural Science Learning through discovery by using the scientific method in the classroom.  Each unit gives practical opportunities to experiment in order to provide meaningful learning.At SM we know that education stands for development. "Savia" means "sap" in Spanish, and, just like plant sap, education nourishes, develops and generates life, and it is in constant renovation. Education is the new sap that fuels the future.This is Savia: a global project designed for all educational stages underpinned by a solid model based on values education where everything revolves around the pupil and aims to improve their results by focusing on different learning rhythms and styles. The project emerges from our mission to service and help teachers, providing them with the ideal resources to perform their everyday tasks. Savia reflects our commitment to education through the flexible introduction of new methodologies and technologies that can efficiently improve the quality of education.
9788415743743 9788415743743 9788415743743